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How Authentic Branding Impacts Business Growth

July 28, 2021

How Authentic Branding Impacts Business Growth

As a small business owner, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other businesses in the same niche. It's...

Why Branding Is The Best Investment For Your Business

July 14, 2021

Why Branding Is The Best Investment For Your Business

If you are not aware of the costs that come alone with branding, then it's best to start preparing for a long term investment. Branding...

The True Difference Between A Business and A Brand

July 13, 2021

The True Difference Between A Business and A Brand

Having a brand has a further greater impact than both you as the business owner and the business itself. You may be thinking that they...

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At MIP Branding, we help business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers explore their TRUE brand identity by uncovering the root of their brand. By discovering a brand's true purpose, we can connect a loyal connection between the brand's ultimate mission  and a thoughtful audience. Our mission is to help as many small businesses and brands discover their brand's voice, purpose, and power!

We continue to strive as being your go-to source for online branding & social media needs. Let's begin your journey, together!


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" When developing a brand strategy, align with your true purpose to create a memorable brand"

- Della Reside

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Joy & The MIP team has been more than amazing. They are on top of everything, and gave me the ultimate experience.  They have a unique taste combined with a great attention to detail. Above all, they understood my message and vision, even though I was not able to communicate it clearly. If you need I highly recommend them for your branding & social media needs!

AnnaLee Terrin


Joy has helped us tremendously with the foundation of our wellness business and brand. We loved how organized, professional, and efficient she is! She is a very sweet, smart , but most importantly , uniquely creative person. She will make you feel comfortable throughout each milestone of the entire project. This investment was worth every dime!

A Little Tea Shop


Before working with MIP Branding, I wasn’t exposed to the depthless of branding & social media. They have completely changed my perception on social media, and have expanded my vision for the best. I now have a brand that’s easily recognizable, consistent, and full of engagement. 

Miata Jones ESQ.


As a therapist, I’m not too social media savvy. Social media has become a different world from when I first started using it. MIP created a simple, yet customized strategy to start attracting the right audience. Within 30 days of launching my posts, I have received 2x the inquiries from my ideal client avatar. This was the transformation my business needed to grow!

Amy Shutz



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