Instagram Masterclass
  • Instagram Masterclass

    This masterclass is for current business owners, who want to make their first sale or more sales on Instagram. This is a VALUE-PACKED masterclass with step by step strategies that I have used to make $100K with my business in less than a year.

    In this masterclass you will learn:

    What it takes to run a successful online business 

    How to transform your Instagram page to attract the ideal buyer

    How to transform your Instagram bio to retain your traffic

    What your target audience is and where to find them

    How to price your products competitively, so that you are making more and working less

    How to leverage your competition to increase your brand awareness

    How to use hashtags that RIGHT way

    Tools & Resources that I personally use to grow my online business to a $100K brand!


    After this class you will be able to:⁣
    - Increase your sales online, consistently

    - Increase an organic following that's interested

    - Increase traffic to your Instagram page

    - Increase traffic to your website

    - Increase your visibility on the platform

    - Become a well-known branded name

    - Post money-generating content 

    - Post less but make more money

    It's time to structure your business, to where it works more for you, and where you work less for it.


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