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So I took the ULTIMATE LEAP..

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Quitting Your Job In 2020? Here’s Your Bulletproof Method

Ever wondered what it takes to actually quit your job? Yea, you could just not show up again or simply walk in and say “I quit” then walk back out, but is that really how we want to do things?

Let’s talk about a bulletproof method on how to quit our jobs the right way.


So how do you have a plan when it comes to quitting your job? What does this even mean? Here’s an example.

Before I quit my job I had already applied for ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft, and even food delivery services such as DoorDash and Postmates. Yea I know, these jobs are not the most luxurious when quitting your main job, but you still have to survive.

Everybody has their own reasons why they may quit, but I personally quit my job due to unfair practices in the office and I felt like my boss was using me as his scapegoat.

So make sure that you can still survive after quitting because life always goes on regardless.

Do things such as moving back in with your parents or other family members if you have the opportunity too so that there is no rent expense. If you can find a way to cancel our rent then my goodness you are already saving so

freaking much!

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You ever tell somebody a “secret” at work and next thing you know somebody asks you about that exact secret?


We don't need that happening here. So when you are contemplating quitting your job, remain silent! Just keep it to yourself so you do not have to deal with the stares and awkward moments leading up to you actually quitting.


If you respect your boss or even care about the company you're working for, be sure to tell upper management.

Treat the situation how you would want it to be handled if you had your own business, Would you want your assistant to email you on a random Friday and say “I quit”? Of course not! The scramble to make sure things are getting done without your assistant would be real!


You simply want to do this to avoid those weird and awkward moments like i mentioned before. Especially in smaller companies word spreads like wildfire and next thing you know your the talk of the town!


When we are leaving jobs we often forget about the perks that may come with those jobs. For almost all of our jobs, the minute we are not considered an employee anymore we lose all access to everything involved with the company.

Do not forget those perks!!!!

Go to the doctor while you can, hit the gym if you have access, and use anything else offers by your specific company.


If you are really going to take that leap and quit your job then you need to make sure you're taking care of your finances.

This is especially important if you will not be making as much as you used to. I created a FREE BUDGET SHEET for you to download as a way to manage and track your finances each month. Prior to this, I was spending randomly and not keeping track of a single thing except my usual “I think I spent about $$$ this week” which of course was always wrong.


Do not talk bad about the people in the company or the company themselves! I cannot express this enough! Think about when you see a person talking bad about a company or their coworkers on social media.

It is just the worst!

The fact of the matter is that sometimes life happens and we just may find ourselves needing something from that previous employer. Yes, it sounds highly unlikely but you never know. Even something as simple as a recommendation can go a long way.

So to wrap this up be sure to take care of yourself when you are planning on taking that leap. A lot of things need to be happening in the background to make sure that the future is set for you.

Until next time!

Don't forget your FREE budget sheet!