5 Mistakes That Makes Any Business Look Unprofessional

Updated: Aug 1

Have you ever wondered if your brand looks professional enough to attract the right audience? If this is you, then there is a high chance that your brand isn't performing to it's fullest potential. You might have tried to do everything by yourself, in the past and present. Or maybe you've purchased a pre-made template , or a DIY theme , and realized that it's not showcasing your vision. Or maybe you've worked with someone in the past to create your current brand, but it's still not showing your brand's essence.

No matter the reason, today's topic will go over 5 things that affect the way people look at your brand. Overlooking them may cost your brand unnecessary investments with nothing to show for it.

Brand Strategy is Inconsistent

Do you feel like your brand is not making the impact that you have envisioned? You keep trying to change the fonts, colors, website, social media feeds, and etc. but it's still not captivating the right audience.

Even if your brand is aesthetically appealing, your audience doesn't seem to understand your message clearly. Consistency presents itself as having a clear strategy for others to follow. Most likely, you have not been exposed to the process of creating a strong foundation for your brand. Your brand identity & aesthetics are a reflection of your brand strategy. In order for you to create a strong brand foundation, the following things needs to be set in place:

- Develop a clear strategy for your brand's values, mission, and vision

- Create your brand's story

- Discover your brand's voice and vibe

- Figure out ideal audience

Once that happens, you are able to control the branded identity elements. The right identity elements can:

- Send your ideal customers subconscious brain waves to make the best first impression

- Help build the like and trust factor needed to sell out of anything

- Makes creating relationships with your audience an easy fun to do task

Brand Strategy Lacks Clarity

Do you feel like your brand is running on a hamster wheel, not knowing to create the 'perfect' brand? Does wondering how to appeal to your ideal person create overwhelming stress in your content strategy? If you are asking these questions, chances are it shows in your marketing. You will make it harder for your ideal audience to not only find, but engage with your brand.

Without clarity, a strong brand foundation won't be possible to create. Even the most beautiful aesthetics will not cover this facade for you.

Brand Identity & Website Design Have No Strategy

Did the first two points strike a nerve? If yes, then chances are you haven't been able to work with a professional brand designer who understands the importance of strategy. Even though you can find the most beautiful design elements on Etsy or Creative Market, it still may not work for your brand. Those creations were not created to work with YOUR brand. They were created to appeal to those who attracts the brand that's behind the design. They were also created taking into account who their target audience and ideal client/customer is.

Even though the designs are beautiful, they will cause an endless struggle of leading you back here, again - the unprofessional brand. Working with a strategic brand designer will help you figure out your true brand's voice that will attract your ideal audience. Your branding process will consist of:

- A deep discovery process to discover your brand's journey, mission, values, voice, and ideal audience

- A diagnosis of the current problems within your brand that needs a fix

- The creation of visual elements to represent the strategy of your brand (the best fonts, colors, content, etc.)

- The creation of a cohesive, consistent design to every branded element (website, social media, marketing, content, etc.)

A brand strategy designer will help you understand that in order to develop the best brand, you have to start with a strong strategy. There's a scientific explanation behind the colors and fonts that we choose to create your moodboard. If you didn't have a chance to go through the design process, consider it before spending any more money on your brand alone.

There's A Disconnection Between Your Brand's Voice, Content, and Personality

Have you ever spoke with someone from social media and thought to yourself "This person is completely different from how they are on (insert your preferred social media here)". Or do you struggle with attracting the ideal audience for your brand?

This could be due to every last point we have touched on. An inconsistent strategy leads to a lack of sales and engagement. No clarity on your values leads to a disconnection with your ideal audience. Your brand identity will conflict the interests of your brand as well.

We often work with business owners, brands, and professionals who has a brand that 'does not represent' them. If this happens, then it can cost collaborations, sales, and your audience.

Brand Promises Are Disregarded

This happens when there is a conflict between the true message of your brand and how the public perceives your brand. This causes an undelivered promise to your audience, and will cause confusion amongst many.

For example, if you are presenting your offer on a flawless Instagram account every day, but people have to keep asking about your correct link, then this will create a frustrating buyer's experience. If your promoting a luxury item or service, but your branding looks very DIY, this disconnect the trust that you've invested into your brand.

You want to make the buyer's journey as effortless as possible.

To Sum It All Up

Your brand is way more than complex than your logo, fonts, colors, and aesthetics. Starting with a strong brand strategy will attract your ideal audience easier and quicker. Investing your time, energy, and money into creating an ideal experience will do wonders for your brand. You will create something that is impactful, memorable, and professional for everyone to fall in love with.

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