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Hey! I'm Joy.


I'm a young woman who got tired of life blowing her in the wind.

So I took the ULTIMATE LEAP..

and now I help others

Discover, Build, and Walk in their Purpose!

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Disclosure: I believe in transparency. Some links in my blogs are affiliate links. This means that I earn some revenue (at no cost to you) when you click through the links. This often leads to better pricing or features for you as well. Thank you for all of the support. It means the world!



When I first started my business I was doing research on top of research. I mean sitting in one spot for hours looking at what seemed like thousands of videos, blogs, and articles about what software I need for my business. Of course you have the ones that say you don’t need any of this stuff at first, but then those end up being the same people that say “I wish I started doing that earlier”.

Now I’m all for being frugal and not breaking the bank, but some things in my opinion I feel are a necessity and a software management system is one of them.

During my daunting research phase I wanted to learn exactly what people use to keep their business running. I seen all type of posts mentioning different companies, but these companies would only offer one specific thing and you would need a completely different company to do something else.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I run an online business and I want to be able to capture and store emails, record video, manage my financials, integrate my calendar and more. Without one single piece of software you will literally be holding your business up with tape.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are several highly successful businesses that login to one site, do that one specific task, logout and go to the next site until they are done. However, I was looking for something a bit easier to track and follow all in one spot and finally found Kartra!

If you have never heard of Kartra it is basically an all in one marketing platform that offers services such as email marketing, product pages, drag and drop website editing, membership pages, calendar bookings, a help-desk, your own affiliate program if you decided to create one for your brand, and even integrations with other software.

Kartra also offers a trial for $1 which allows you to use all of its features for 14 days. After 14 days you will then be charged based on your tier plan. I actually signed up for the trial twice to make sure I was getting enough bang for my buck. The trial page is hard to find online, but you can find it HERE.

At first glance I was afraid of Kartra. So many tabs and different services to choose from to run your up and coming business, but then I figured I must be crazy because this is exactly what I asked for!

So what’s the catch? There actually is none which surprised me. Obviously the service is not free, but anything worth having won’t be free in my opinion.


The $99 was a bit spine shaking at first, but as I tried out the features during my trial I fell in love. I selected the starter plan which is going to be enough for any small up and coming business.

Here is what you get in the starter plan.

The main thing to take notice here is how many leads and emails you are able to have. 2,500 leads and 15,000 emails is more than enough for any starter business. Last month I sent maybe only 1,000 emails so unless I take off like a rocket the starter plan should be great for a while!

Your starter plan also lets you create 20 products and up to 100 pages. Again, unless you are a clothing store offer a wide variety of products within your business then this setup should work. Within my business I offer only 8 different services so if I wanted to I have plenty of room to grow.

The Kartra starter also includes 1 domain which is hosted themselves so there are no additional costs.

Get your 14 day trial here!



On the left hand side you will see all of the services that Kartra provides. This is a real screenshot of my current Kartra account.

Here is where you would add your products to Kartra. You can choose what type of payment processor you would like, add what type of payment tier you want such as recurring payments or one time payments. Of course things like sales tracking, shipping, tax, and refund policies can be added as well.

Your product page can include upsell offers, affiliate setup, and even automations such as an email funnel if a customer purchases a specific product.


The my communications tab is how you keep your lists organized. You can label your list exactly how you want. Let’s say you have two different free email signups your offering that’s generating traffic, but have no idea which signup they are using, meaning you have no idea what is actually working. Kartra fixes this by letting you tag people, colorize them, and put them in groups by their actions.

You can also email your lists in this tab. You can setup automations based on their actions so after you figure things out you can pretty much be hands off!

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This section lets you create an entire website with their drag and drop editor if you wanted too. I still prefer the actual Wix editor more so I incorporated pretty much all of the Kartra features except the website editor on the backend. I mainly use the pages section for my thank you pages or signup pages, but if you did want to create a website you easily could.

There are plenty of premade templates for you to choose from in regards to setting up your pages which makes your life easier and I’m all about making life easy! You can even split test, meaning you can create two different versions of a page and test it out to see which one works better for your business.


This section hosts all of your form needs that you will need to capture those emails. Use this section to create as many signup forms as you want! Building your email list is key with any business so be sure not to rush through your optin forms.


Have something to teach, videos, podcasts, or exclusive links? You can set all this up in your membership section and even setup recurring monthly subscriptions. You can even set up challenges that unlock the next page once the first is completed.


Here you can add specific videos which you can include in your emails or pretty much anywhere. You can put your own opt in forms or a checkout button in the actual video!

So if for example in your video at the 30 second mark you say, “sign up here”, you can literally have an opt in form appear for them to sign up with.


Here you can sync your calendar with Google if you have one, set up a fully functional booking calendar to book by certain days, time frames, or by service you offer.


With any business there will be a support team in place. Use this feature to assist you with any support tickets, refunds, or FAQ that come up with your business.


This GOLDEN section is for people like me who have no idea how to create email funnels or even know what to say. You can literally pick a pre made campaign, put in your content and send it to your lists and just like that a customer can receive an automated email sequence. SUPER WORTH IT!


Integrate Kartra with other software like Google, PayPal, Stripe, Twilio, and more.

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Run a digital marketing business? Need to manage client accounts? This is for you! Not only can you buy the client accounts at a discount, but then you can apply the markup to the client and profit the rest!

You can generate reports for your client and even determine what type of access to give them.


If you’re interested in affiliate marketing Kartra offers a marketplace of products to promote in exchange for an affiliate commission. These are products created by other people and listed on Kartra. Please do not promote a service/product that you do not currently use or believe in! As a Kartra member you will automatically be enrolled in their affiliate program and if you truly love what they are offering, why not try and show others so that it helps them too?

I hope this Kartra overview was helpful. There is so much that Kartra has to offer for any type of business and I’m glad that I found it instead of using tape to hold my business together with all of these different logins to websites.

Get your $1 trial here.

Struggling with anything? Be sure to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to assist!

Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updated information and helpful tips with Kartra if you need it. I have been using it for close to a year now.