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9 Best Ways To Make Extra Money During The Holiday Season

So the holiday season is upon us and you may be 1 of 2 types of people. You’re excited and happy because you love this time of the year, or, you’re in a panic because you know you have to spend extra money in order to get gifts for the people you love. If you’re the latter, this is the place you need to be!

In today’s world there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of different ways to make extra money outside of your normal routine. However, a lot of these side gigs may not be feasible, the pay is too low, or you simply just do not want to do it. So let's take a look at some of the top ways you can make extra money during this special time of the year.

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an American marketplace app that allows people to hire other people for tasks/services they need completed whether it’s because they don’t know how to do it themselves, don’t have the time. Or are simply too lazy to do it. This is by far my most favorite way to make extra money on the side as I have made over $1,000 in a week before. I personally have done tasks such as cleaning homes, standing in lines, grocery shopping, delivering packages, and even pet sitting. It starts with a person listing a task that they need to have completed on a specific date and time frame. The person will then select a tasker from a list of available taskers based on availability, their hourly rates, and feedback score.

If selected, you will receive a notification stating “You’ve been hired!” This is where you check the details of the task and speak with the potential client for complete details to make sure that you’re not being hired for a task that you do not have the knowledge to complete (I was once hired to help fix a car engine).

Bonus tip: Charge for 2-3 hours in advance in order to make more money on each task, but make sure that the client knows PRIOR to accepting the task.


· Wide range of skills to choose from in order to increase visibility

· Instant pay direct deposit system so you get your money faster

· Set your own rates and availability for each skillset you choose

· Consistent work with a chance of recurring clients

· Tipping service added to invoices


· Sometimes your hired for tasks you literally are unable to complete, but TaskRabbit docs your feedback score anyways

· Some clients are cheap and may not want to pay for additional hours

· TaskRabbit is only in select cities (Check here)

· There is a $25 registration fee for new signups

2. Wag/Rover

This platform is great if you are a dog lover as both of these platforms are dog walking and dog sitting apps. Your able to set your availability, but the requests come in quickly so you have to move fast in order to confirm a service for a potential client. It is best to have your notifications on! The most I have ever made using either of these apps was $200. Check out there on demand cities here.


· Perfect for dog or animal lovers

· Instant pay direct deposit system so you get your money faster

· Requests come in consistently

· Can sign up anywhere in the nation (on demand cities here)


· Will receive a lot of notifications on your mobile device

· Must react and accept the services quickly

· Another con

3. Takl

Similar to TaskRabbit, Takl is another service and skillset platform. You are still able to choose to your skills that you would like to offer, but you are not able to set your own rates. They offer upfront pricing so you know what you will be paid for each type of service on the platform. I have made up to $200 a week on this platform, but I have shifted my time and efforts to TaskRabbit.


· Instant pay direct deposit system so you get your money faster

· Usually quicker jobs that don’t require hours to complete

· Choose the skillsets that you would like to offer

· Upfront pricing on services


· Client chooses the rate that they want to pay you

· Shorter jobs resulting in smaller pay

· Takl is only in select cities (Check here)

4. Amazon Flex

Now what is a list without some type of Amazon service on it? Amazon is literally taking over the world and they need people to help keep up with the demand. This results in Amazon flex jobs such as delivery or warehouse gigs. These are the people that you may have seen dropping off your Amazon packages in random clothing and cars for those same day or two day prime shipping products. The warehouse jobs are the people who actually package and organize the Amazon boxes before they are shipped. For a company that is so huge you would be shocked to know that there is no interview process!


· Seamless signup process and can take job schedules right after

· Flexible work hours you can choose from

· App to track your earnings easily

· Drivers start at $18-$25 a hour, warehouse starts at $15

· Jobs available 7 days a week


· Best time slots fill up quickly

· Must react to notifications fast about new job slots

· Amazon Flex is in select cities (Check here)

5. Selling Things

Now this is pretty self-explanatory, but there are apps such as Mercari, Ebay, Amazon, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, and more to pick from in order to sell old products taking space in your home. These would be things that no longer hold sentimental value to you, but may still have some value in it such as old jewelry, shoes, purses, TVs, video games, furniture, clothes, and more. The list of things to sell is literally never ending here.


· Most apps provide an easy way to list your products

· Set your own selling price

· Some apps offer free/no shipping costs

· Good way to create space in your home


· Old items may not have much value

· App selling fees can be high

· Listed products can sit for long periods of time if pricing is wrong or they are deemed invaluable

· Some apps require that you meet the client face to face

· Even if you list the item correctly showing damages, the company will almost always side with the buyer for a refund case

6. Food delivery services

Uber Eats, Postmates, and Doordash are your go to food delivery apps. Pretty much anybody can sign up for these services as there is no interview or orientation process anymore. Postmates and Doordash actually send you a delivery kit in the mail as you can see here. I believe that Postmates and Uber Eats are actually better, but Doordash does allow you to see your full payment amount before even accepting the order. Times are capped on Postmates and Doordash , but Uber Eats allows you to work 24 hours!

Image placeholder

The beauty about these services is that you can be requested multiple times an hour based on demand because no matter what time it is, SOMEBODY IS ALWAYS HUNGRY!


· All apps can be on at the same time

· If you live in a major city, demand can be through the roof

· Flexible schedule as you work when you want too

· Instant and standard payouts

· If a buyer vanishes you get to keep the food!


· Smaller cities may struggle to find work

· No gas reimbursement

· Traffic in major cities can be a real pain

7. Forego that vacation time

If you job offers you paid vacation time you should check with your HR department to see if they allow you to trade in that time for money! If they do, this is one of the easiest ways to make an additional $500, $1000, or more based on your salary by simply trading in some hours. If you have a lot of hours saved because you’re always at work like my fiancé, then why not trade 40 hours for an additional paycheck.


· Requires no work except speaking with HR and completing paperwork

· Will typically be on your next paycheck

· Most employers do offer this service, but may not speak on it much

· Based on your salary, can easily make thousands while still working elsewhere


· You lose those vacation hours that you may need later

· Taxed heavily

· Requires having a lot of saved up vacation time (80+)

8. Instacart/Shipt

Both of these platforms are grocery shopping apps and there is a virtual interview, but it’s easy I promise. Now with Instacart you can either be a shopper or delivery person, but on Shipt you have to be both. Now what’s good about these apps is that people usually give a lot of tips. I haven’t used these personally, but I heard that they are pretty good and easy to do.


· Can grocery shop for yourself at the same time

· Great tipping potential

· May see things others buying that you want to try


· Grocery traffic

· Unclear grocery lists

· Time and effort it takes to grocery shop & deliver

9. Saving Money

Last but not least, the thing we hear about constantly, saving money! This is one of the easiest yet hardest things for a person to do. Live on less than you make. Cut back on those Starbucks Lattes’, or that fast food and cook more meals in the house. Stop buying things on Amazon every week because it looks cool! Create a written budget for yourself and you will quickly see where your money is going.


· Keep your space uncluttered

· Keep yourself healthier

· Freeing up your money provides opportunities elsewhere


· Sorry, you may have to give up that $7 smoothie from Smoothie King

Image Placeholder

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as I wanted to provide value around the holiday season. I used to be one of the people who would panic around this time because I knew I was tight on money so I’m sure there a lot of you just like me. Let’s get to this money together! Don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter for valuable content, positive uplift, financial tips, and business building.

Peace! And I’m Out.

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