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How To Start Your First Blog Without Breaking The Bank

I found myself in real pickle when it came to my blog. I really liked how I was able to setup my Wordpress blog with Bluehost as my hosting needs, but I felt that the website builder aspect for my business was a bit too tedious for my liking. Since my business is my main focus and my blog is an added bonus, I opted to move my blog from WordPress to Wix with my main website. After doing some research I also learned that you really don’t want to separate your blog from your website unless its two entirely different brands. You need your blog to work for your website by providing rich text often with various keywords so your website has more chances to show up in Google search.

Better/Easier website builder: Wix

Better Blog: WordPress with Bluehost

I don’t think you can go wrong with either one, however since I mentioned both I am going to provide a super short snippet on how to get WordPress and Bluehost setup then we will move to the Wix Blog.


First navigate to the Bluehost homepage and click the green Get Started button.

You will be greeted with different tier options. Since you are just starting a blog using the ‘basic” plan is fine and super affordable!

Like other companies, you are rewarded by purchasing a longer plan. If your dead serious about this and in it for the long haul you can't go wrong with the 36 month plan, however I understand we are all in different walks of life so if the price ends up being a bit much then you will be fine with 12 months.

You will then be asked to either create a new domain or connect an existing one if you are transferring an old domain. Type in the name of the domain that you want for your blog to check if it is available. Once you see that your domain is available, you will be asked to create your account.

The only package extra you need is Domain Privacy Protection for an extra $.99 a month. This will allow your contact information on your blog to remain safe and secure (great with all these hackers now a days)! The last thing to do in this section is enter your credit card information that you will use to pay for your plan, then read and agree to the Bluehost terms, then click submit.

Finally, we have to install WordPress.

Once your password is created, Bluehost will pretty much guide you through the rest. You will be asked to pick a theme so take a minute to find a free one you like. This can always be changed later so no worries! Click on start building and BOOM! There goes your WordPress blog hosted on Bluehost.

Remember, Bluehost offers a 30 day money-back guarantee so don't be afraid to try them out!

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Now that you have a basic idea of how to setup your Bluehost blog if you go that route, let’s take a look at the Wix Blog. If you do not have a Wix website yet, read my post about How To Create Your Website Without Breaking The Bank. You will need a Wix website before you can create a Wix blog. The following steps begin as if you already have created a Wix Website and will start with the Blog sidebar button.

Once your in your Wix website editor click the My Blog tab on the left of the screen and select add now. Unless you plan on having members a regular wix blog should work fine.


In the blog manager tab you will see create a post and manage posts.

I recommend writing your post elsewhere like Microsoft Word or Google Docs then copying and pasting it into the blog page. Let's create our first post by clicking create a post. Once you paste your post there, simply edit it to your liking. At the bottom of the page you will find buttons that let you add images, galleries, GIFs, and even videos.

The post settings button allows you to setup things such as a cover image, featured post option, publish dates, or add an excerpt. Be sure to setup your SEO correctly so your blog can actually be found! Lastly, to be a bit organized, you can put your blogs into specific categories.

Close your blog post and click on manage posts. Inside of the manage posts button is where you get organized. You will find all of your published, drafted, scheduled, and even trashed blogs. Use this page to also setup your blog categories if you will be speaking about different topics.

In the more actions tab you can setup blog settings for a bit more SEO optimization and check your analytics to see how your doing on visitor traffic.


This section is where you actually customize your blog homepage and your blog post page. All of your blog pages will have this same setup so remember that when you get creative. Click on the various elements on the page and customize the homepage and post page to your liking. If you are brand new to blogging I would either use the template that’s provided or find a few sample blogs on the web that you like and try to create something similar.


The blog elements section is similar to the add section of your regular website. You can add a custom feed to your blog pages and customize the design of it to your liking.

You can add a recent posts which will display your last 3 published blog posts side by side. This is good to add if you publish a lot of articles.

Even though RSS feeds aren’t as popular you still have the ability to add it. If you don’t know what a RSS feed is it pretty much allows users to track and read all of their favorite bloggers posts in one spot.

Lastly, you can browse the app market to add any additional features that you feel may be missing from your blog and BOOM! You now have a wix blog. Now get in there and start creating. Be unique and remember to discover, build, and walk in your purpose!


Struggling with anything? Be sure to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to assist!

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