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How to Create Your First Website Without Breaking The Bank

8,000,000,000 and 4,500,000,000…

That’s how many people there are in the world and that’s how many active users are on the internet! So why do you still not have a website?

Think about it, somebody mentions a new store or product or pretty much anything that you don’t know about.

What is the first thing you do? You whip out your phone and go straight to Google. Whichever links pop up first you click on their website.

I want you and your business to POP so today I am going to show you how to create a new website with Wix. But wait, if MIP Branding creates websites for clients, why would you show us how to do it ourselves?

I thrive on helping people and it brings me true happiness to help any lost souls who may need it. I spent hours upon hours trying different website builders to create my website because I was clueless, but Wix was the best and easiest option for me. Many late nights trying to figure it out on my own, thinking I have a finished product, only to then have family or friends tell me the website still looked bad. So this guide is a means for those go getters who would rather try things themselves vs pay somebody to save them the time, anger, disappoint, and delayed gratification.

So before we get into the guide let’s hash out some common excuses about website building.

1. I don’t know how to code!

The required coding skills needed for website building is over. Yes for more advanced tactics coding is still necessary, but most website builders offer drag and drop options for ease of use.

2. It’s too expensive!

Creating your own website now a days is relatively cheap, and most even have trials. Paying somebody can still cost thousands since website building is still a very tedious and time consuming process. It’s like taking your broken down car to a car shop. The reason your bill is always so high is because you’re mainly paying for labor. However, if you’re serious about your business then the price is well worth it and it allows you to focus on other aspects of your brand.

3. I will just use social media since it’s free!

Where are you going to send them when you want to launch a product or service? How will they find you outside of social media? Not everybody has social media and you are definitely selling yourself short by only relying on that. Oh and plus most of these social media platforms won’t even show your posts to your entire following because they make money from paid ads.

So now that we got that out of the way let’s create your first Wix website in 6 crucial steps.

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1. Create An Account

So obviously we have to create an account first. Open the Wix homepage and click Start Now. I will attach screenshots for you to follow as well. You can sign up via email or with a Facebook or google account.

If you’re brand new to website building I suggest following the series of questions that Wix will ask to guide you along.


The following questions should be self-explanatory and you should answer them based on your own business/brand. Be sure to answer them as accurately as you can as these questions are setting up the Wix ADI feature for step 2.

2. Using the Wix ADI Feature or Choosing My Own Template

After answering a few simple questions you will be greeted with the ADI page.

For beginners with absolutely no knowledge of website building, I suggest letting the Wix ADI create your website, however this is not my recommended future proof option since there is limited functionality and customization.

Choosing your own template would be my recommended option as you would have full customization of your website. Yes, this approach may be tedious, teeth pulling, and time consuming like going to your local DMV, but if you have the patience it will lead to a better looking website.

Let’s take a look at the Wix ADI first.

Click Start Now. Now here’s the cool part. Sit back, relax, and let the ADI do the work for you. Don’t overthink any answers to the questions, but try to answer them the best way you can. These can always be updated later.

After answering those questions you will get to the theme page.

Pick a theme that best reflects your business and then select a homepage that you like the most. Your brand new website will open within the ADI editor just like that!


Here are a few things to take notice of when using the ADI editor.

Elements – Click on an element to customize it. The settings for a selected element will appear in the left-hand menu bar where you can then make any necessary alterations. Options include changing the images, writing text, adding buttons, and more.

Add a Page – Select Pages > Add Page from the top menu bar. Then select from a range of new page types and pre-made page templates.

Design – Click on Design in the top menu to change your website’s theme and layout, or alter global colors, fonts, and more.

Remember, we let the Wix ADI create our website, so you won’t have as much control with customization.

Now let's take a look at Choosing Your Own Template.

There are over a hundred free templates to start your website. You will find different niches above the examples to choose from and even templates such as landing pages (Coming soon pages) or a blank template (super advanced). Take a few minutes to browse around until you find one that you like.

Click edit on the template that you want and you will be taken to the Wix editor.

This is where the magic happens! Let’s take a closer look at the tabs on the left. Remember, your background may look different in the following screenshots due to different templates.


This tab shows your websites pages and where they are listed within your site. You can add, delete, rename, or even change the order of your pages here. You can also add animated page transitions for each page on your website. This is also where you will find your settings for each page by clicking on the three dot icon. Do not forget this part!

SEO – Add metadata and keywords to help boost your rankings in Google

Social Share – Add the images (Logo) and text that will be displayed when each page is shared on social media.

Permissions – Select who can view each page and create restricted content or members-only pages for certain customers that subscribe or do tasks.


You are able to add a picture as a background, select free pictures from the Wix library, or even change the color of it. There are several options to play around with here as you customize your website.


This where you will spend a lot of your time as these customizable options are what’s going to bring your new website to life. If you take a look at the list you will see that you can add things like text, images, buttons, videos, music, social media, and so much more. Get Creative!

To add them, you simply click and drag the option you want onto your website.


Here you will find additional apps that you can add into your website for specific functions. Some of these apps are free while others are paid. Take a look through the sections and see if there is anything specific you would want on your site.


This section allows you to upload your own media if you have any. It also saves your already uploaded files under Site Files so you do not have to re-upload the same image.


Wix also has an entire app dedicated to a blog. This is a full setup alone so check out my How To Start A Blog Guide here.


Here is where you would setup a payment system, book appointments, and even sync your calendars together!


Here you will find some more important features that will be used often.

Page – Quickly toggle between the pages on your site and your blog.

Desktop / Mobile – Switch between desktop and mobile mode to optimization

Settings – Access your full website settings, add a favicon (the logo in the tab of an opened website), view analytics, and much more.

Save / Preview / Publish – Wix saves your website as you go, but I periodically save it myself anyways. Be sure to preview your site often as it will look different in preview vs the editor. Publish would immediately make anything on your website live and available for people to see.

3. Customize the mobile section of your website for optimization

This is super important!! It’s actually more important than your desktop website, but the desktop version must be done prior to setting up your mobile optimization. As you gain traffic to your website you will see that a vast majority of them will be mobile users. With the high tech in cellphones today people generally do all of their activities right on their phone including website visits.

This section works the same as the desktop version, but be sure to always come back to edit your mobile section AFTER you have made complete changes on your desktop version. If you change the mobile first you will notice that the minute you move something on your desktop version, your mobile version will change drastically.

If all else fails, make sure that this looks and works good!

4. Publish Your beautiful website

So after a few late nights and probably a hundred changes you’re ready to launch your website. Click Publish in the top bar menu and a popup will display asking do you want a free domain or to connect a custom domain. You want to select custom domain here.

If your website means anything at all to you, don’t take the cheap way out and keep the “wixsite” verbiage in your domain. Here is the difference in how it would look to potential customers.

www.MIPbranding.com or www.MIPbranding.wixsite.com.

Which one looks more authentic? I’ll let you decide.

Click Get new domain and review the different payment options.

The cheapest option for a business & eCommerce site is only $23 a month which offers online payments, a free domain for a year, and more.

If you do not plan on accepting online payments then the cheapest website plan is only $13 a month.


After you select your plan, you will be taken to a subscription period screen. As with most companies, you’re charged more for a monthly option vs a yearly option. Wix also shows you the exact amount of money you will save with each option so there is no math involved.

I highly recommend paying for the yearly option because life happens. Let’s say for example your card on file expires while paying month to month. Now your website is down and you have no idea until somebody tells you or you receive an email requesting payment. This could be a huge blow to your traffic that you worked hard for!

Add your payment information and you’re done!

Remember, you have a 14 day trial on all premium plans to try things out to your liking.

Congratulations! You created your first website and I bet it looks gorgeous! It seems like a lot when it’s written, but if you follow these steps you should breeze by this in no time.


Struggling with anything? Be sure to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to assist!

Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updated information and helpful tips with your website.