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Toxic freaking clients! My goodness I am still dealing with this foolishness. If there’s one thing that every single business has in common, it is a toxic client.

So what exactly is a toxic client?

These are the people that come along and simply bring nothing but negative energy into your business whether that be with bad attitudes, refunds which were not actually your fault, legal troubles, or much more. You know exactly the type of person i am referring too and any business owner feels a sharp tingly feeling down their spine when they are greeted with one.

So here are some things you should be aware of when these people approach you.


One of the most common toxic clients are the ones that try to evade paying you your asking price for your services.

You know. The

“Why does it cost so much? What discounts can I get?” type of clients.

“I’ll trade my services for your services” type of clients.

“My friend does this same thing and hers is cheaper” type of clients.

Trust me. If there’s a way for them to avoid paying full price they will give it a shot. However, it is up to you to stand your ground and not budge. Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes these types of situations are perfectly valid and you will know when those situations arise, but you can just feel a bad situation coming because the vibe will be entirely different.


Having a contract in place simply protects you from those clients who all of a sudden “don’t know you” and hit you with several refunds and charge backs. This becomes nothing but a he say she say argument and you don’t have much protection here.

This agreement also states what services you will provide and at what cost. If anything needs to be added or changed then of course do so, but when the client starts to add more services, but doesn’t plan on paying additional money then that is when your agreement comes into play. This happens a lot with new or small businesses because they feel like we aren’t established or are desperate so we can just be taken advantage of.

Your cable provider ever gave you additional add ons to your package for FREE just because you stated that you were their client? Me neither.


This can mean a lot of things, but in my experience I had clients that were literally calling me out of my name in an attempt to get their way.

Sadly…. It worked. I honestly have never been the type to stand up for myself so somebody screaming at me pretty much always worked, until I met my fiancee. Now when these people present themselves I tell him and he handles it for me.

But yea, this can be aggressive attitudes, telling you what you will or will not do, telling you how to run your business, deciding when to pay you, and gosh I can go on for pages about this.

It's really ridiculous.

At the end of the day you have to realize that clients will come and go. Don’t feel like you have to be stuck to one client because you're new or because it's your first client. Life goes on and so will your business, OK?

Until next time!