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everything you need to succeed is within you. let's discover your brand's true potential, power, and impact together!

Speak to our expert, Joy Martin-McCray about your branding needs and goals. We will provide you with the best innovative knowledge, tools, and resources regarding your project clarify any questions you may have.


branding Q&A


branding Q & A

When it comes to branding, there are many questions that need a simple, yet authentic answer. This 30 minute consultation is the best solution for those who are beginning to build their brand, social media presence, or specific questions for tools/resources to reach certain brand goals.

During this consultation, you will speak with our expert Joy Martin-McCray for a time period of 30 Minutes. 

brand consultation &

Our 60 - minute brand strategy and consultation session is created to leave you with the best tools,  knowledge, and resources to unlock your brand's true power & potential. At MIP Branding, our mission is to make branding and social media as as innovative & creative as possible .  After building a true foundation for your brand, you will feel more confident and aware of the things that needed to reach it's maximum potential.

Before the call, we will send a custom questionnaire to best prepare for your strategy ahead of time, so that your investment is well accounted for. You will leave with a customized plan and guide to present and grow a memorable brand.


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Joy & The MIP team has been more than amazing. They are on top of everything, and gave me the ultimate experience.  They have a unique taste combined with a great attention to detail. Above all, they understood my message and vision, even though I was not able to communicate it clearly. If you need I highly recommend them for your branding & social media needs!

AnnaLee Terrin